In an effort to craft a brand idea or story custom made for the rabid audience, start focusing on the fans.  There are a variety of free platforms to test your ideas, story, and characters and get immediate feedback from the plethora of passion centers that already exist online.   Popular shows like AMC’s Mad Men make Twitter an ancillary component of the show on TV, where rabid fans take a deeper look into the lives of Betty and Don Draper.

You can leverage the use of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to see what related topics people are already talking about and get immediate feedback on your story idea or characters.  Armed with this knowledge, you have a very solid understanding of how to craft an appropriate distribution strategy because you know 1) where your audience is viewing related content and 2) how this content is positioned within these platforms.  As you start mapping out potential distribution channels for your messaging, you can also use these social networks as tools to help maximize audience engagement, while minimizing potential spend on distribution that might not be appropriate for your concept or audience.  Tomorrow we’ll look at the different types of DISTRIBUTION channels available and how to construct the best strategy for your story.

Photo by: Amstel