anime-girls-computer-case-mods-6While most of us will admit that blogging is at least a tad self-absorbed, rarely have I laughed as hard as I did today when I read Stoney deGeyter’s post boiling bad blogging down to self-flagelance.  Come to think of it, he’s right.  Blogging is a LOT like sex.

As Stoney points out, the compulsion for and the often all-consuming nature of blogging is directly analogous to  the primal urge for sex.  We want it when we want.  We shove it in the direction of anyone we wish.  And once released, we have a sense of calm—regardless of how the recipients feel on the other end.  That latter part does not apply to me.  Ask anyone—-I am a giver.

The beginning blogger, without thinking about his audience, their needs, and the manner in which they want their info delivered, is quickly reduced to a closeted life of locked blogroom doors, interruption and having to explain to friends and family that he will be “right out” as soon as he reaches all five of his readers.  Keep going on that route and you really will go blind.

Stoney rightly points out that along with the personal passion necessary to get attention, in the singles-bar world of blogging, the great blogger puts that passion to work FOR his audience.   Once again blog mirrors life.

You want to be read? You want them to come back to the trough for more?  Deliver more than the self-satisfying blog booty call.  Engage your audience, show them that you genuinely want their comments, and allow their desires, tastes and passions to inform your next session. Don’t be shy.  Ask them how they like it.  It’s natural baby.

If you make them feel loved, wanted, and part of the action and not just a receptacle for your blog, you will get them coming back again and again and again.  They will engage with you and share your blog with everyone within digital ear shot.  Next thing you know, the lady at the table next to one of your loyal readers says that she’ll  “have what she is having.”

Hmmmm.  Funny how that same formula just might work for brands when it comes to engagement and loyalty.  Go figure.

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