Times are tough, especially if you’re planning a wedding.  As the business of weddings changes, happily engaged couples are also adjusting their plans by hosting their own interactive websites in lieu of invites, and using video registries (don’t forget to ask for the Shamwow!) to cut back.  One question you might want to ask if you’re planning a wedding: do I really need to hire a wedding videographer or can I enlist the talents of my wedding party?  If you abhor the idea of anyone but an esteemed video professional capturing the emotion of your day, stop reading this post, type “wedding video” into Google and start perusing the over 26 million choices.

Consider this: we have video cameras on almost every type of smart-phone (even the new, upcoming iPhone).  We have tape-less HD video cameras that fit into the palm of your hand.  You can even broadcast live video from your phone with sites like Qik.  One of my favorite parts in a wedding video is the interview portion where your esteemed videographer and his/her 3200k floodlight that melts the rouge off Aunt Barbara and makes Uncle Jerome squint, sets out to capture “personal moments”.  This is effective, but is it really personal?

If your goal is to capture the emotion of the day, then what might a UGC wedding be like?  You’ve painstakingly narrowed down that list of attendees and been careful to only include those you consider worthy of the money you spent on their meal.  Why not make them earn it?  Every one of your invites could be armed with a digital video camera or still camera, capturing the tender and hilarious moments as they unfold.  You could ask people to document peoples’ journey to the wedding and other moments leading up to, during and following your special day.  These “moments” could be cut together into one large video or several pieces.  You could ask friends and family to cut their own DVD version or people could host individual video clips on a free, video site like Vimeo.

Wedding stories are memorable because they’re personal.  And sometimes what happens is worth mentioning and is just as important as what is carefully rehearsed, forgotten and then laughed at later.  A UGC wedding would uniquely capture perhaps the single most relevant day in your life, where you’re surrounded by the people you love the most, in a way you may not get to experience again.  My only suggestion would be, to refrain from making UGC or professional video a part of your bachelor/bachelorette party and wedding night…..then again, wouldn’t that make a great website!

Zach Jordan

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