Brace yourself, for the tsunami of 2012 political campaign commercials is about to hit our shores and drown us all in a sea of rhetoric.  Hard to believe, but it’s been four years since the last tidal wave that forced us all to open our hearts and vote with our wallets.

This year both sides are working overtime to buddy up to their base, with super-PAC’d positive messages, scientifically-accurate facts, and billion dollar ad buys.  But this is America, so of course not everyone gets to experience the perfect storm of entertainment, patriotism, and bullshit.  That’s right, if you’re not in Colorado, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Florida, over the next few months, you might get little more than a free yard sign and a robo-call at dinner time.

So to help keep you political ad junkies from jonsing, we’re working with the Internet to help deliver your fix.  And since there are probably many of you who may still be on the fence about who to tongue punch at the polls come November, we’ve decided to persuade you with a few of our own campaign ads that may inspire you to make the right choice.  Specifically, we feel that Mitt Romney could use a little boost, so we invite you to do the American thing, and share these finely crafted messages with every voter across this great nation and help take back our country!