Guess who is on Facebook? Everyone. Including those seniors who the networks and brands often ignore. In a recent Mashable post, Stan Schroeder, discusses several recent studies that indicate 20% of grandparents are social network savvy and loving it. The featured UK study found that 51% log on every week or more to find old friends and bridge the generation gap with family. You don’t have to be clairvoyant to know that this time next year, the grandma metrics will be staggering.

After decades of the television business and major brands letting the 18-34 mantra dictate their every move, maybe, just maybe, things are about to change. We’ve said it a million times—the Boomers buy jeans, cars, gadgets, and, well everything. They have disposable income. They influence family purchase decisions. They can be make or break for a brand.

The social networks are where the modern audience consumes, shares, engages, and decides which brands to embrace and which to ignore. Now that we know the senior set is digging all things digital, it will be more than interesting to see if brands wake up, smell the Ben Gay, and reach out to this audience in a personal, authentic way. Senior-oriented social media campaigns? Senior-specific social media platform spin offs? When it comes to brand approach to the far-side-of-sixty crowd, its out with the old and in with the new.