Just when I thought the wonders of the information age were being used for the power of good, the negative side of the free flow of information rears its ugly head.  We just came off of an election in which the power of niche marketing, personal messaging and a powerful brand message in the form of President Obama gave new meaning to grass roots politics in the digital age.  Of course the honeymoon can only last so long.  Rush Limbaugh’s recent rant about wishing for Obama’s failure has flown around every platform.  Great that the madness can be exposed so rapidly.  Not so great that the divisive message that got us into the current mess is out there for the huddled right wing masses to rally round.

Limbaugh literally said that he hoped for OUR President’s failure.

He defended himself at a recent right wing cabal utilizing an analogy that makes even his normal, hate-filled, myopic musings look like a reasonable part of the public discourse.  Somehow, he thinks wishing ill on his President is akin to his rooting for the failure of the Arizona Cardinals in the recent Super Bowl (he’s apparently a Steelers fan).  Really Rush?  Is it really the same?

Let’s see.  All that was at stake in the Super Bowl, was the fate of a team sport, the momentary dreams of some die-hard fans and a shiny trophy.  Hoping that the President fails, especially in this current crisis, is just a tad different.  Really Rush?  You actually want the economy to continue on the GDP killing path that President Bush and your right wing cronies started, nurtured, and created as a little gift to all of America?  So, foreclosures, the collapse of the markets, the highest unemployment in decades and most American families struggling to keep food on the table rises to the same level as the possibility of a Pittsburgh Steelers defeat?

When Rush defended his statements at his recent speech, the crowd of lemmings jumped out of their seats.  I guess they had forgotten that this kind of speech and creed is what is making most of them worse off than they could ever have imagined in their lifetime.

Not only is the statement and his usual bluster offensive, but arguably, it is, at best, a mild form of digital treason.  No Rush, none of us wanted “Bush to fail” and certainly none of us “wanted the war in Iraq to fail”.  On the contrary, we actually love our country and realized that the mess that was the Bush Administration was a very high stakes game that cost us $1,000,000,000.  And there is that small matter of over 4,000 brave Americans who lost their lives.

The populace spoke loud and clear in November of 2008.  The President is doing what he thinks is right in an attempt to clean up the massive mess that Rush, and his right wing minions, are conveniently forgetting was built on the GOP watch.  These are serious times that call for serious discussion and serious answers from serious leaders.  That leaves no room for the seriously disturbed, Oxycontin-addled bluster from the king of family values who has managed to rack up more wives and divorces than even some of the Hollywood commies he hates so much.

The great thing about the web is that at least Rush’s garbage spew is out there in the open.  Sorry, Rush.  Your way lost.  There is a new Sheriff in town and a new sense of community and common purpose that even your drooling hate mongering can’t stop.  You should be praying and hoping and crossing every part of your body so that President Obama gets us out of this mess, ends the bloodshed overseas and restores America to its rightful moral high ground around the world.  If you can’t do so because you are an American, do so for yourself. Think of it this way, if the economy comes around, you will have more money to pay off the current Mrs. Limbaugh when even she grows tired and repulsed by your drivel.

I hope that the rest of us step up and use the web to expose this kind of nonsense for the anti-American bile that it really is.  Rush, take a look in the mirror.  Look familiar?  That’s the bloated face of the unpatriotic.

The GOP leadership can try to call this entertainment and Rush just “being Rush”.   That’s just a dangerous and very telling dodge of the fact that this is, in fact, the guy who speaks for the party.  Any wonder why America woke up, spoke out and elected Obama?