sftI’ve always loved San Francisco.  Who doesn’t like great restaurants, gorgeous, real neighborhoods and the live and let live vibe?  On a recent trip, however, I was able to experience the proverbial icing on the cake when it comes to why I love that city.  San Francisco is THE city on the GO and boy do I love it.

My business partner and I were recently in SF to shoot some interviews for a client.  Zach lived in SF for many years and knows the town inside and out.  We were walking around near the Embarcadero, just killing some time.  And there it was.

On the most public of thoroughfares, amidst the hubbub of the SF foot traffic was, what I believe, is the true testament to the civility and welcoming nature of the City by the Bay.  There, right on the corner, was an above ground, public toilet, the likes of which I have never seen nor put to use.  Scoff if you will, but after spending most of my life in Philadelphia and New York, the idea of an actual public toilet not requiring risk of life was like the first glimpse over the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  I was in awe, doves flew by as if on cue, and I swear I could hear clerical music wafting through the air.  Zach nonchalantly told me that these had been installed years ago and dismissed by childlike wonder with a jaded smirk.  Not so fast Mr. Take-A-Pubilc-Toilet-For-Granted.  I was not going to leave this urban wonder without a closer look.

I approached the kiosk-like device, hit a button and, in seconds, was invited into the comodious (sorry), clean, above-ground lavatory. I won’t get into further detail, but let’s just say, the cleanliness, the self-cleaning design, the washroom sink and the overall experience made me gush with delight as I exited into the sunny San Francisco daylight and let the world know that THIS was undeniable evidence of the city’s love of its inhabitants, visitors, and those just needing a little private time.

My only regret was not capturing all of this in HD.  Rest assured, however, that I shall return to this Trevi Fountain of latrines, ready to test what really happens when the posted time allotment of twenty minutes is up.