While working at VideoJug, I was asked to produce a video with the title: How To Change The World.  I was given this title to work with based on the assumed “SEO value” on Google.  In other words, the likelihood of people searching for this phrase on Google would be greater than average, thus making it worth our time to write and produce a short video.  This is one of those projects known as a “re-purpose”.  Essentially, you go through your content library and see how many projects you can put together with the images or content you already own.
In this case I used several stock photos, a few music tracks and some voice over.  The tone you set with your musical choices is very important and multiple tracks can help the cadence of your story.  As with any creative work, it’s all about your choices.  Test out different methods and see what works and for a bonus – see if you can tell your story with as few images as possible.   You can either edit or animate this type of video on your own, or you can open an account with a company like Animoto.com and let their proprietary algorithm manipulate your photos automatically; setting your images to the music of your choice.  Even with minimal photos and a few music tracks, you can achieve interesting results.  Either way, you’re creating a story and the more personal and specific you make your story, the bigger the impact it will have on your audience.
Zach Jordan