When we are trying to explain our approach to branding  and digital marketing.  We always start with our equation GREAT CONTENT + STRATEGIC DISTRIBUTION = LOYAL PARTICIPANTS WHO LIVE YOUR BRAND.  Of course, there are many sub-components here.  Great Content starts it all.  One of the key elements of great content is that it must deliver something that (1) hits emotional touchstones; (2) delivers something of genuine value; and (3) invites loyalty.

Pfizer is pulling off a branding master stroke.  They are giving away certain prescription drugs to those who have lost their jobs and health insurance due to the recession.  Put yourself in the consumers’ shoes.  “I’m broke.  I can’t afford the meds that I have relied upon.  I really need them.  Wait, the drug company is going to let me have them for free until I get back on my feet?  Wow.”   These consumers are never going to forget this.  Pfizer delivers a message of caring about their audience, they deliver a tangible, high stakes benefit, and they do so at a time of need.  Nice.

Hyundai pulled off the same move even earlier with their “we’ll buy it back” offer.  In each of these instances, the brands showed up and stepped up for the consumer on the consumers’ terms.  That is the part that makes it memorable and that makes for brand loyalty. From the time the mouse removed the thorn from the lion’s paw to today, a friend, in those times of need, is a friend indeed.  Like the lion, the public won’t forget.  Now all we have to do is get brands to apply these same principles in all of their efforts, at all times.