In a prior post, I discussed how brands are seemingly still ignoring the power of the audience that is outside the 18-34 demo.  I noted that the 35 plus and the Boomer crowd has more disposable income and massive potential than any other demo and that brands would be wise to engage this group with gusto.

The boomers buy everything from surfboards to jeans to TVs to, well, you name it.  Interestingly, a recent eMarketer article discussed the “graying of the Internet” and the fact that while the Internet is considered the province of the young, when it comes to ecommerce, the Boomers are the ones searching, spending and connecting with brands.

As more and more of this empirical proof comes in about the brand bonanza called the Boomers, let’s hope brands begin to actively reach out.  Moreover, let’s hope they reach out in a customized fashion so that their respective brand messages get to the Boomer crowd on their terms.  We’ve seen some smart moves and successes in this space.  Here’s hoping for more and that the “old folks” are no longer the marketing bastard stepchild.